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Low cost, high quality printing
Connect your brand with your consumers
Prime real estate services in Sydney's inner west
Photography, indigenous art, painting & prints
Bespoke, allergy friendly personalised cakes
The ultimate luxe private coffee experience

Our Story

Two individuals – one goal.

We are a Sydney based couple that love this beautiful country.

We created BAZARI to help Australian businesses shine and helps Aussies find them.

We wanted to create an easy to navigate directory where you can search for Australian products, businesses and service providers. We want you to be able to easily find what you want, at the price point you want and within a certain no of kilometers of where you are located.

We want you to see what this incredible country has to offer.

We want you to embrace home.

Why Shop Local?

Did you know that 98% of businesses in Australia are small businesses, that employ 6 million Australians & are run by locals.

When you spend locally, you help keep Australians in jobs, help keep Australian businesses afloat and ensure that everyone has access to the products and services they need.

Embrace Australia. Support local.

What is an Australian Business?

Any company, business or sole trader that is registered with ASIC and where the majority (75%+) of their administrative costs are within Australia, can be listed on BAZARI.

So you can be sure when you search BAZARI, you’re searching home.


Last year was an incredible year for online sales, the biggest ever! More parcels were delivered last year within Australia, than ever before. 

Did you get your share? Did your online sales grow?

Mobile devices now generate half of all website traffic globally, with purchases from mobile phones surpassing that of laptops & pcs. 

Is your website mobile friendly? Can your customers find and buy products from you easily on their phone? 

Global B2C ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 – let us help you take a bite of that.

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Are all businesses listed on BAZARI Australian?

Only companies, businesses and sole traders that are registered with ASIC (ie. pay tax in Australia) & who’s majority (75%+) of administrative costs are within Australia, are listed on BAZARI.

Are all products listed on BAZARI Australian made?

If the listing is of a product, then yes, the product is Australian made. If the listing is of a business, we can’t guarantee that the products are Australian made. What we can guarantee is that the business itself is Australian (registered in Australia, with employees in Australia & paying tax within Australia).

How do I join the BAZARI directory?

We can’t wait to welcome you! Simply choose a plan and sign up online. You can learn more about our offering here. Want to find out more? Simply schedule a call with one of our staff members.

Can I buy directly through BAZARI?

BAZARI is simply a directory of Australian service providers, businesses and products. Purchases (& appointments) need to be made directly with the businesses themselves. We are working on direct shopping – so keep an eye out!

I have an issue with a purchase I made from a business listed on BAZARI.

We are so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately as the businesses listed on BAZARI work independently of BAZARI, you will need to contact the business directly. If they refuse to help, please let us know as we don’t want to list any business that deals in bad faith.

Does BAZARI take a percentage of every sale like other platforms?

No, BAZARI simply charges businesses a very low monthly fee to be listed. We want Australian businesses to boost their client base without charging them a fortune! BAZARI is by Australia, for Australia.

How do I take part in BAZARI’s monthly giveaways?

Anyone that has signed up to our newsletter, or followed us on either Facebook or Instagram is eligible to win! Don’t miss out on some great freebies (from designer handbags, to free holidays, to vouchers), sign up today!